What to look for when buying a new build property

New build properties have become an increasingly popular option for first time buyers for several different reasons. Buying a new build is different to purchasing an older house. However, there’s a lot to consider when buying a new build home, so here’s our guide covering what you need to look for if you’re thinking about buying new. 

Why buy a new build home? 

One of the main advantages to buying a new build property is that at the start at least, it’s less likely to need the same amount of maintenance that you’d have with an older house. Your energy bills might be significantly cheaper as well, given that new builds are normally better insulated than period properties. 

What to look for when buying a new build

The builder’s reputation

Buying your new or first home will probably be one of the biggest purchases you ever make. The builder you choose for your property will affect your buying journey and the experience you have when you eventually move into your new home.  

The House Builders Federation carries out a yearly survey of all new-build purchasers to monitor the quality of build and service that builders across the country are offering. New-build homeowners are surveyed and asked to provide a star rating out of 5, depending on how likely they are to recommend the builder to a friend. A minimum of 90% is needed for a 5-star rating.

The purchase schemes that are available

There are a number of schemes out there that are designed to help make buying a new build residential property a more beneficial option for both first time buyers and current homeowners. One example is the Help to Buy, which is a government-backed scheme that allows buyers to get a 20% equity loan when purchasing a new build property. This means you can put as little as 5% deposit and borrow only 75% for your mortgage. 

A lot of builders also offer part-exchange opportunities to those who currently have homes they want to sell. The company will purchase the house from the seller, freeing up the funds to be used to finance a new house that was purchased from the company. This takes a great deal of stress out of the buying process, allowing things like new build conveyancing to go more smoothly, and makes moving more flexible for many homeowners, as there won’t be a chain on either side. 

Anyone who doesn’t want to go with a part-exchange might be interested in an Assisted Selling Plan, offered by developers. This means they will assist in selling your home a lot quicker, so you can move onto your new home purchase without any delays. 

The warranty period 

New build homes are modern and built to a high degree of quality, which is approved by the National House Building Council (NHBC). The NHBC Buildmark scheme is designed to provide new builder homeowners with complete peace of mind with a 10-year warranty and insurance. So, in the unlikely event of anything going wrong in their newly constructed property, it will be covered, and they won’t be out of pocket. 

Customisation options

A new house is a blank slate that you can personalise with different levels of standard options and extras, depending on the builder you choose and what they are offering. Bathrooms, kitchens, lighting, carpets, etc, can all be selected by you when getting a new-build property. Also, buyers can occasionally choose to add certain things to their home, such as a built-in sound system, integrated appliances, fitted wardrobes, and more. 


Purchasing a new build can come with many benefits, but as we have seen there are some important considerations to be made to ensure the process goes smoothly and you get the right home for you. If you’re ready to buy a property and are looking for new build conveyancing in Newcastle or new build conveyancing in Cramlington, contact our team at Toomey Legal today.