What are the benefits of using a local conveyancer?

Buying a property is a big investment with a lot of moving parts, paperwork and sometimes a great deal of stress too. When going through this process you’ll want to have a property conveyancing solicitor that is reliable and professional. By doing so they can get everything sorted for you as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are many solicitors and conveyancers across the country that offer conveyancing services, but is it better to use a firm that is local to your area? We’ll be looking at the benefits of using a local conveyancer in this guide.  

They’ll be more familiar with the location you’re buying in

If you find a conveyancer online and they’re based at the opposite side of the country to where you’re buying your property in, they probably won’t be as familiar with the area. One might argue that local knowledge isn’t that vital in order to complete conveyancing. However, using a local conveyancer could give you an invaluable insight into the local market and key details you need to know about the area that you’re buying in. They’ll be able to complete your transaction with more accuracy and awareness of potential issues that could arise as well as how to avoid them.  

It makes the overall service you’re getting from your conveyancer feel more personal. Also, a local conveyancer with years of experience like our property solicitors in Whitley Bay, will have a network of local connections including estate agents, other solicitors, and plenty of useful professionals. Having access to local connections can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth transaction and helping you to receive the best possible service from your conveyancer.  


Less risk of hidden or unexpected fees

When instructing a local conveyancer, you will likely have a few face-to-face meetings – where a clear breakdown of the fees for your conveyancing will be provided to you. There are many businesses online that appear to offer very cheap fees for their services, but they then add on additional costs and fees further down the line and use their distance and lack of personal touch to take advantage of buyers. It’s easier to build up a relationship and understanding with a local conveyancer of exactly what costs will be involved and the value of what you’re paying for. Equally if you do have any problems surrounding costs with a local conveyancer, they are more easily accessible for you to address those problems. When you know an accurate cost for your conveyancing it will be easier to budget for other parts of your property move.  


A personal service

This is one of the biggest benefits of using a local conveyancer for your property needs. With a local conveyancer it’s significantly easier to organise face to face meetings with them. They will be able to address any questions or concerns easily and offer a personal service that is tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. By using a conveyancer that is further afield you probably won’t be able to have as many face to face meetings, if any, which removes the feeling of a dedicated personal service.  

When you’re making the biggest purchase of your life you want to make sure that the person, you’re entrusting your conveyancing to truly understands your individual needs and that you’re not just another client to them. It can be a stressful process but knowing the faces of the solicitors working on your conveyancing and building trust with them can put your mind at ease. A local conveyancer will be able to take the time to get to know you and be more readily available to support your property buying journey.  


Save time with prompt communication

Getting stuff done quickly and efficiently in the conveyancing process often relies on a prompt back and forth between the conveyancers for the buyer and seller. If you’re not using a local conveyancer, you might not be as aware of what is happening behind the scenes. It’s easier for conveyancers that are based further away to go quiet on communication with you and you might be left not knowing the latest updates of how things are progressing. Your conveyancer could be slowing down your property purchase without you even knowing it! By using a local conveyancer, you can establish clear communication channels easily and if you feel it’s been a while since you’ve had an update you have the option of going to their office and speaking to them in person.  



There are many benefits to using a local conveyancer for your property purchase. So, if you’re looking for experienced, friendly, and reliable property conveyancing in Cramlington. Or anywhere around the Newcastle area, the team at Toomey Legal can help. Contact us today to discuss your needs and see how we can support you in getting the keys to your next property.